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Tips for Relocating to Atlanta

By Landing | Oct 16, 2020
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Making a transition to a new city can be intimidating and, well, downright scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re relocating for a job, for family, or just for fun, the process of getting acquainted with your new city is much the same. 

If you’re moving to Atlanta, Georgia, it’s possible to feel settled in before you even arrive. Just make your way down our list of tips for relocating to Atlanta we have put together for you here. The advice given will help you prepare for the move with what to do before you go and once you arrive to move into your fully furnished apartment in Atlanta. We promise relocating to Atlanta can be not only simple, but exciting as well. The city of Peachtrees and Southern charm awaits! 

Review the living in Atlanta pros and cons Landing compiled to help you get a better picture of the city before your move! 

Find your neighborhood

The first thing to do before you move is decide where you want to be and make a list of questions to ask before signing a lease for your new home. With Landing, you can try out neighborhoods one month at a time, which will reduce the pressure of signing a year-long lease before you even arrive. However, that doesn’t mean the first time you rent an apartment should be the result of a coin and map toss. To help you navigate the first place to lay your head in your new city, we rounded up some of the most popular spots for young professionals in the greater Atlanta area. Nothing against flipping a coin once you’ve narrowed it down to your top two—you can’t go wrong calling any of these neighborhoods or suburbs home


If you’re relocating to Atlanta for a career opportunity based downtown in the Atlanta metro area, and you don’t have a car (yet) living in Midtown, just north of downtown Atlanta, is a strategic move. Midtown has more to offer than proximity to big business. The historic neighborhood is chock-full of diversity both in buildings and people. Take your pick of living in a historic apartment complex, modern highrise, or tree-nestled home near Piedmont Park (the city’s largest). The area is full of young professionals, Georgia Tech students, and young families, contributing to its diverse makeup and liveliness.   

Buckhead Village

If you’re flying solo to this Southern hub, moving to a neighborhood with a social atmosphere such as Buckhead Village could make finding your people, or even a significant other, easier. It was dubbed one of the best Atlanta neighborhoods for singles by Move Matcher, which shouldn’t be overlooked if dating in the big city is a priority of yours. 

The buzzing social scene in Buckhead makes sense given its home to some of the city’s trendiest boutiques, restaurants, and bars. You’ll never not know what to do on a Friday night in Buckhead. It’s not all nightlife and shopping. The village also features beautiful tree-lined residential streets that give city dwellers a taste of suburbia too. 


If you’ve aged or matured out of nightlife being a priority on your “must-haves” list, Brookhaven may be the right Atlanta neighborhood for you. These Atlanta residents get to live in a neighborhood that still resides within the perimeter of Atlanta proper, but is a bit quieter. That’s not to say it doesn’t offer plenty of things to do. In fact, you’ll find an array of restaurants along Buford Highway to feed whatever you fancy, and plenty of shops, salons, and parks too. Plus, the neighborhood is extremely walkable and has access to the main form of public transport in Atlanta, MARTA. You’ll also easily find a fashionable place to live among the area’s many options.


If major cities aren’t always your preference, consider one of the popular Atlanta, Georgia suburbs, Decatur. It still has all the trendy coffee shops and eateries you could want and offers an escape from urban city life. Here, you’ll find farmer’s markets, museums, botanical gardens, and even the Atlanta aquarium. Even if you don’t decide to live in the neighborhood, Decatur is worth a frequent visit for its many famed festivals as well, including the Decatur Arts Festival, the Blues & Bluegrass Festival, The Decatur Craft Beer Festival, and more. So, while it’s technically a suburb, this Atlanta neighborhood bustles with activity at any given time.  

Get the lay of the land first, before committing to living in one of Atlanta’s many trendy downtown neighborhoods or charming suburbs by moving into one of their fully furnished apartments in Atlanta with a flexible lease. 

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Simplify the move

Moving is never easy, but especially when moving to a big city such as Atlanta, and potentially a big apartment building where you’ll have to make ten trips up and down the elevator (or worse, stairs) to get all your belongings inside. Why move across country, or even across town, with a giant U-Haul when you can move into a fully-furnished apartment? Forget the hassle and leave your big, bulky furniture behind when you move into a Landing, fully equipped with everything you’ll need to call a place home.

While finding an apartment, hiring a moving company, and furnishing the space are only parts of relocating to a new city, taking them off the table will make your move incredibly more simple and less stressful. Finding, applying, and leasing a fully-furnished apartment in Atlanta will take you all of a few minutes. This way, you’ll have more time to focus on finding a job or preparing to kill it at the one you’ve already landed, and making new friends or investing in the relationships you already have there. A simplified move sets you up for success. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?   

Settle in 

Since your place will already be furnished, you won’t have to do any of the heavy lifting or housework usually necessary when you move into a new apartment. Just think, there will be no need to hang wall art, find the most efficient way to store kitchen supplies, stuff pillows, or iron curtains. Instead, you can focus on adding the final touches that will make the space your own and settle in comfortably. 

Shopping around town for the perfect finishing touches to your apartment is a great way to get the lay of the land. Browse nearby boutiques for candles and cozy throws, stop by the farmer’s market for fresh flowers and fruit to fill your vases and bowls, and shop for clothing to fill your closet. You’ll find all you need to feel right at home, all while exploring your new city and maybe even meeting people along the way.  

Get involved

Once you’ve made the move and settled in, it’s time to dive into your new city. Atlanta is a town brimming with passions and activities to meet them. From sports games to comedy shows, and from run clubs to art classes, it’s easy to find your niche in the city and get involved. That’s not to mention the countless festivals that take place all over town every weekend, which means there’s always someplace exciting to be. Plus, the people in Atlanta are extremely hospitable, so by simply joining a club or doing the things you love, you’ll not only find an outlet for your endeavors, but also make acquaintances. 

Explore the area

In addition to activities, there are great museums, parks, and theaters to explore in and around Atlanta. Visit Centennial Olympic Park, the Atlanta History Center, Fox Theatre, or the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Park to name a few incredible attractions right in the heart of town. 

Atlanta has a lot to offer inside the city, but beyond its borders too. Take advantage of the usually great weather and get out of town to explore the nearby state parks, mountains, lakes, and towns. By exploring, you’ll also get a feel of the area you may want to be in long term. Head to the suburbs and tube along Chattahoochee River, golf in Johns Creek, or dine in Alpharetta. You can also take plenty of day trips from Atlanta as well, such as to Providence Canyon State Park to see ‘Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon’ or to Lake Lanier to hike Sawnee Mountain. 

There’s so much to see and do in Atlanta, you will never grow bored. 

Relocate to Atlanta the right way

With all of these tips in your back pocket, moving to Atlanta, Georgia will be a breeze. Your landing apartment will offer you all the proximity, convenience, and flexibility you need in a place to call home. Pick a neighborhood and let Landing do the rest so you can get to exploring your new city and making the most of all it has to offer.

Atlanta is calling, what are you waiting for? 

Learn more about how Landing’s flexible and affordable housing options can make your relocation easier. 


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