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The Best Dog Parks in Denver

By Bri Hand | Aug 11, 2020
Dog park in Denver, CO

Ready for Rocky Mountain recreation, urban exploration, and, of course, canine adventures with your favorite pooch? As a dog owner, you’re always on the hunt to find fun things to do with your dog, and Denver is one of the best places for local dog parks. Denver is a dog-lover city like no other—you round the block, and it’s hard not to see another pup and their human companion on a walk, come rain or shine. In fact, dogs actually outnumber kids in the metropolitan area! 

So, it’s no wonder that Colorado pups have quite a few playgrounds of their own.

From downtown Denver to down by the river, this is your ultimate guide to the best dog parks in Denver. Whether you’re a long-time local or a first-time Denverite, you’ll find the perfect open spaces to take your No. 1 pup, including: 

  • Greenway Off-Leash Dog Park
  • Barnum Dog Park
  • Berkely Dog Park
  • Green Valley Ranch East Dog Park
  • Kennedy Dog Park
  • Lowry Dog park
  • Parkfield Dog Park
  • Sonny Lawson Park
  • Railyard Dog Park
  • Little Boxcar Dog Park
  • Fuller Dog Park
  • Carla Madison Dog Park
  • Tony Grampsas Off-Leash Dog Park 
  • Chatfield Dog Park
  • Cheery Creek State Park
  • Wynetka Ponds Bark Park

Let’s get started! 

1. Greenway Off-Leash Dog Park

Venture out to Gateway Park, just south of Denver Central Park and north of East Colfax Avenue. This fenced-in, mid-sized, and off-leash park is dotted with trees and known for Fido-friendly features like its deep sand. While great fun for some larger dogs, the sandy terrain can pose a problem for dogs on the smaller side. The deeper the sand, the harder it is for pint-sized pooches to stay upright!

Did you forget your bags at home? Fear not! Greenway Park is typically stocked with bags for your convenience. 

2. Barnum Dog Park

Barnum Dog Park encompasses more than 33,000 square feet and is conveniently located in north Barnum just off 6th Avenue. With a separate area and locations for low- and high-energy dogs and close proximity to all of Barnum Park’s amenities, there’s a lot to love about this puppy park.

When you visit, be sure to take note of the various rules and regulations. To visit the park, your dog must be spayed or neutered (exceptions are made for Denver residents with an “Intact Permit”) and have a Denver dog license and up-to-date rabies shots. 

3. Berkeley Dog Park

For a relaxing spot off of Berkeley Lake, check out Berkeley Dog Park. The park offers an open space play area specifically designed for smaller dogs, as well as a fenced-in portion for large and mid-sized pooches.

The historic Lakeside Amusement Park brings thrills galore to this Berkeley neighborhood. While you can’t ride rollercoasters with your dog, the rides and games add an exciting atmosphere for all those visiting the park.

There’s also no scrambling for a spot at Berkeley. If you’re driving, you’ll find plenty of space to park in the West 46th Avenue lot. Take a stroll along Berkeley Lake and have a relaxing day with your dog without wasting time looking for parking. 

4. Green Valley Ranch East Dog Park 

Bring your pup to the far east side of the city for an afternoon of fun at Green Valley Ranch. Renovated in 2008, this neighborhood staple is notable for its expansive space and general convenience. The park itself is only a quick walk from the visitor parking area, and small dogs have their own section for safe play.

The park requires a few prerequisites before you visit: 

  • A proper collar for your dog
  • Vaccination proof
  • Proper license tag

5. Kennedy Dog Park

The Kennedy Dog Park is an expansive three-acre park located near the Kennedy Soccer Fields in southeastern Denver. This open space is especially popular on the weekends when nearby families and their delighted dogs flock to the area for a day of play. 

There are high-energy and low-energy areas to ensure your pup finds suitable play-day companions, too.

When visiting the park, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Shade and shelter: Rain or shine, you can duck under the park’s central shelter for a little protection from the elements.
  • Beware of coyotes: While still in the city limits, Kennedy is adjacent to open wilderness near Cherry Creek Reservoir. As such, this park is the backyard of a host of wild animals, from snakes to coyotes. So, always keep an eye on your pup to ensure they’re not getting into trouble.

6. Lowry Dog Park

Stop by the intersection of Yosemite Way and Lowry Boulevard and visit a hill-filled park known for its friendly atmosphere. In addition to climbing areas, there are also fire hydrants and tunnels for pups looking to show off their skills. 

The Lowry Dog Park is all about making furry friends while you enjoy features like:

  • Grassy terrain: There’s more than just sand at Lowry. Your dog can run and relax on some pillowy green grass—a rarity when it comes to most sand-covered Denver dog parks.
  • Surplus seating: With more benches than the average Denver dog park, Lowry lets you take some time off your feet and watch your dog from a distance as they sprint from one end of the park to the other.

7. Parkfield Dog Park

Travel south from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, and you’ll hit a lakeside park in a beautiful recreational hub. Parkfield is situated in the northeast Gateway neighborhood and is a frequent favorite of locals and out-of-towners alike.

After your dog finishes up in the park’s shaded playing field, leash them up and explore one of the area’s many other amenities, such as:

  • Parkfield Lake
  • Derby Lateral Trail
  • Picnic areas
  • Interactive fountain
  • Soccer fields

8. Sonny Lawson Park

If you’re in Five Points and are the owner of a city-slicking pup, you’re only a short stroll from the historic Sonny Lawson Park. Once there, kick back with your dog and enjoy the park’s offerings, which include:

  • Skyline views: Take in the breathtaking architecture and urban design that makes the city so unforgettable. You may even be able to sneak a peek at the snow-capped mountains to the west if the day’s especially clear. 
  • Natural shade: With plenty of nearby trees, you and your dog can beat the heat and stay out of the sun, at least until a new furry friend comes running through the gates.

The park is fenced in and free to enter. Plus, there’s a baseball field, basketball court, and playground nearby for pick-up games and pooch playtime.

9. Railyard Dog Park

Located in the Riverfront neighborhood, Railyard is leash-off and fenced-in, making it a local favorite for downtown dwellers. This popular park includes notable amenities like:

  • Multiple areas: Does your pup like high-intensity playtime, or do they prefer a more relaxed pace? This dog park has distinct open spaces for low- and high-energy dogs, so you’re certain to find a place that matches your dog’s demeanor.
  • Water fountain: While not always operational, Railyard Dog Park features a striking water fountain. Let your pup cool off and take in the sights, but be sure to pack some extra water in case the fountain is off for the day.

10. Little Boxcar Dog Park

From sunrise to sunset, Little Boxcar is a quaint area to let your pup run free. Located in the Five Points neighborhood, the park features dirt and gravel terrain, as well as features such as:

  • Convenient benches: Take a seat while your pup explores the perimeter. The benches located throughout the park are a great place to catch your breath, read a book, or people-watch while your pup gets some outside time.
  • Art installation: In the mood to take in some art? A unique art installation, crafted from train boxcars—hence the park’s name—is installed in the center of the park. 

11. Fuller Dog Park

On 29th Street in North Denver, you can find a sandy dog park that caters to pooches small and large.

Looking forward to exploring this park? Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Water access: There’s no worry about hydration at Fuller Dog Park. Refillable jugs and bowls are available for community use, ensuring your dog is never without a refreshment.
  • Plenty of space: Some city dog parks can be a little cramped, but not Fuller. This fenced park is expansive, providing your pup with plenty of space to chase—and be chased by—their new friends. 

12. Carla Madison Dog Park

If you’re in the City Park West neighborhood near the Denver Zoo, treat your dog to an outing at the well-maintained Carla Madison Dog Park. 

This small off-leash park features water bowls, shady areas, and benches and is beloved by micro-sized pups and low-energy pooches looking to take a leisurely stroll.

13. Tony Grampsas Off-Leash Dog Park in Golden, Colorado

Looking to get outside the city limits and stretch your legs? Tony Grampsas, located in the foothills of Golden, is about 30 minutes outside of Denver, providing a unique experience for off-leash dogs and owners alike. 

Hidden beneath a canopy of trees, this 2.5-acre wooded area is entirely fenced in and sprinkled with picnic tables if you want to make a day of it. Plus, for those dry summer days, there’s no better way to cool off than with a quick dip for water-loving dogs. If your pup is a  swimmer, the nearby creek is a perfect spot to splash around.

14. Chatfield Dog Park in Littleton, Colorado

A dog-friendly hiking area right off C-470 near the Chatfield Reservoir, Chatfield Dog Park is the perfect day trip from Denver. Much like Tony Grampsas, the area provides wooded terrain and grassy hills for your dog to explore. The South Platte River also runs adjacent to the park for a mid-walk respite for your pup.

If you follow the park’s 1.7-mile trail, you’re guaranteed to break a sweat by the time you get back to your car, so be sure to pack plenty of your own water for your pooch before you set off on your adventure.

Additionally, if you don’t already have a state park pass, you will be required to pay a small fee to enter. Consider it money well-spent, as it goes back into maintaining and improving this park and others. 

However, if you don’t want to drive in, you can pick up the Mary Carter Greenway Trail at South Platte Park and follow it southwest until you cross the C-470 underpass. Just be sure to keep your dog on-leash until you reach the official Chatfield Dog Park. Otherwise, a Chatfield State Park ranger may dispense a fine.

15. Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora, Colorado

Operated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, this enormous park has over 4,000 acres of nature for you and your pup to explore. Located in Aurora, it will require a bit of travel time, but the 107 acres of fenced-in land for your dog to roam free makes it worthwhile. 

A few things to keep in mind when visiting:

  • Water access: It’s called Cherry Creek for a reason—your dog can enjoy the cool, natural water flowing through the park throughout their playtime.
  • Entrance fee: Entry to the park does require a small fee, as does the off-leash area. A daily vehicle pass will cost $11, while a daily pass to the off-leash area will cost $3. However, you can also splurge for annual passes, which cost $83 and $25, respectively.


  • Park rules: When visiting the park, your pup must be within visual distance, and each dog must have a leash and waste bag for mandatory clean-up to help preserve the area’s watershed. Additionally, only three dogs per handler are allowed. 

16. Wynetka Ponds Bark Park in Littleton

This double-gated park in Littleton is about a dozen miles from central Denver, but that doesn’t stop city residents from visiting. Fenced-in and grassy, your dog can spend the day playing and socializing with other outdoorsy pups. 

Some perks of the Wynetka Ponds Bark Park include:

  • Drinking fountains
  • Human restrooms
  • Plenty of parking

Additionally, you may enjoy a slightly quieter park experience than you would in the city proper. Littleton is a quiet suburb with lots of open, grassy space in comparison to downtown Denver.

Landing: Discover your dog-friendly Denver home

Whether you’re exploring Tony Grampsas dog park or Barnum Park, there’s no shortage of parks for you and your pooch to discover. As a dog owner, moving to Denver is a great choice for you and your dog. It is a positively pooch-friendly city, and it doesn’t stop at the dog parks. Apartments around the city are exceptionally welcoming to your four-legged pal and even provide pooch-centric amenities of their own. There are also many dog-friendly restaurants throughout town if you want to bring your pup with you for a night out on the town.

If you’re looking for a home for you and your dog, Landing can help you find it. We offer flexible leases and fully furnished apartments in Denver and dog-friendly homes so you and your pup can rest easy after a day at the park. Join our network today—trust us, your furry friend will thank you!

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