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The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants Chicago Offers

By Bri Hand | Oct 18, 2021
Dog sits at a table at a dog-friendly restaurant in Chicago

If you’ve made the move to Chicago with your dog in tow, you’re in for a treat—many, many treats, in fact, for man and beast alike.

If you’re a dog owner looking for dog-friendly restaurants, Chicago certainly delivers. There are countless dog-friendly restaurants and bars in this midwestern city, as well as plenty of other hotspots to bring your pup. This blog post will cover the top places to wine, dine, and have a great time with your pet in restaurants and beyond.

10 dog-friendly restaurants in Chicago

Establishments for food and drink across the spectrum of cuisines can be found around the city—many of which will not only welcome your pet, but serve them from a menu all their own.

1. Barrio, River North

Barrio in River North is just a stone’s throw away from the Chicago riverwalk, so it’s the perfect spot to decamp for some Mexican-inspired fare after a long walk with your pup.

Barrio focuses on locally sourced ingredients with paleo, gluten-free options—including entreés and a non-dairy dog treat called “woof-cream.” Grab a spot on their spacious outdoor dog-friendly patio and enjoy your own ancho-marinated shrimp tacos while your dog chows down by your side. 

Every Tuesday at Barrio is Taco Tuesday, with tacos, margaritas, and a DJ.

2. Taureaux Tavern, Chicago Loop

If you’re in the mood for brunch, Taureaux Tavern is a classic, commodious bistro in the Chicago Loop neighborhood with a host of outdoor tables for you and your pet to relish. Its Saturday brunch menu includes dog-friendly dishes like scrambled eggs and hamburgers, as well as a steady flow of hydration from their own water bowl.

3. The Kennison, Old Town Triangle

Inside the Lincoln Hotel in the Old Town Triangle is a dog-friendly restaurant and cocktail bar called The Kennison. Grab a seat on the patio where you can treat your pup to one of two doggy ice cream flavors: peanut butter bacon or beef brisket. While they enjoy a sweet treat, try the Kennison’s fresh takes on American classics like the knockout Kennison Fried Chicken Sandwich with sweet Thai chili aioli and homemade kimchi.

4. Siena Tavern, River North

If you’re a furry friend looking to chow down on the town, this Italian eatery is an excellent place to bring your human. Siena Tavern will treat you to a “Puppy Ciao” menu all your own, though you may still need someone to read it to you.

While you enjoy your meal, your owner can slurp up homemade pasta, pizza, or perhaps a Duroc Pork Chop—bark nicely, and your server will happily give you the bone to take home in a doggy bag.

5. Bandit, West Loop

In one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago, Bandit strikes a perfect balance of “farm-to-bar” ingredients for their beverages and eats alike—for man and dog. Its “Pup Picks” menu spotlights carnivorous entrees and dog-friendly ice cream, while the most popular item on the human menu is the bar’s iconic Disco Fries.

Weekends at Bandit are all about bottomless brunches with unlimited cocktails at $30 per head, and a festive time with your dog on the outdoor green.

6. Mundano, Lincoln Park

Just off Lincoln Park is Mundano, a Latin American restaurant with a patio already armed with water bowls for patrons out with their pups. Its menu is welcoming and innovative—from elote grits and sweet corn spoonbread for brunch to savory churros and sturgeon with shishito peppers and charred peaches for supper. What’s more, Mundano even has a “Picnic Kit” you can snag for a day spent promenading with your doggy companion in the park.

7. Broken English Taco Pub, The Loop, Old Town, and Lincoln Park

The colorful Taco joint Broken English has gotten so popular it now has three locations—all of which have outdoor seating that welcome hungry dogs and their owners. Enjoy mezcal-centered cocktails and creations like the Oh My Cod or vegan Cauliflower Al Pastor tacos, and maybe slip a bite of steak to your pup from its classic Carne Asada.

8. Mott Street, Wicker Park

Mott Street’s convivial, pet-friendly patio is an excellent place to enjoy the eats at this experimental Asian restaurant. While the restaurant is not currently serving brunch, there are tastebud-blowing options for every hankering on their vibrant dinner menu: a refreshing Thai Papaya salad, Chinese-style BBQ pork belly, crispy whole fish with dirty plantains—and, if you’re keeping it simple, Mott Street’s juicy Mott Burger that is sure to satisfy.

9. Oda Mediterranean Cuisine, Andersonville

Turkish, Georgian, Spanish, and Mediterranean influences all converge at Oda, an ode to Ottoman cuisine. Your pup is welcome on the patio for lunch and dinner, where you’ll be treated to generous helpings of classic dishes like kebabs, shak shuka, moussaka, and a delectable sigara boregi, a delicate pastry filled with spinach, feta cheese, and parsley.

10. Recess, River West

True to its name, Recess calls to mind the abundant possibilities of that half-hour of free play on the school playground. On Fridays and Saturdays, this hub is open ultra-late, and the restaurant’s vast outdoor space—all 14,000 square feet of it—is a welcome place to bring your dog for a bowl of water and a midnight bite during patio season.

Chicago residents bring their dogs here so often the restaurant is holding a Recess Pup of the Year competition, so it’s safe to say dogs aren’t just plus-ones here—they’re VIPs.

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