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Top 8 Best Takeout Restaurants in Denver

By Landing | Jun 11, 2020

If you’re planning a visit to Denver, you’ve probably done a fair bit of a research into the exciting food scenes built by local restaurants and foodies. The most important criteria for any stay is knowing which neighborhoods have the best local eateries. While cities like Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs have their own share of eclectic eateries, Denver is truly a foodie’s playground.

Of course, COVID-19 has impacted the Mile High City as it has anywhere else in the U.S.,so these days, takeout is where it’s at. Whether you’re tucked up in Broomfield or you’re enjoying the urban living experience with  easy access to takeout near neighborhoods like  Union Station and downtown Denver, here are eight of the best takeout spots across the city center.

Pepper Asian Bistro

If you enjoy popular Asian-fusion dishes with a side of added spice, Pepper is the place to go. It’s within walking distance of many Denver apartments in the city center and is sure to be a staple of anyone living in temporary housing or a short-term rental. Due to the coronavirus, Pepper still looks to offer cultural amenities and a fun and warm experience where servers make a personal connection with diners, even if you’re only looking for takeout.


Brunch fans, rejoice. With convenient locations across the city, including near Larimer Square, Snooze is a true staple of the Denver breakfast scene. Denver’s balance of high-end brunch offerings and cozy diners is met with Snooze – a comfy and  scrumptious without being overly stuffy. Plus, when you’re done eating, you can walk to a handful of independent shops, the Denver Botanic Gardens, or the Denver Art Museum. In addition, they’ve implemented robust coronavirus policies, so you have peace of mind when you grab your order.

Lola Coastal Mexican

With an inspired menu and some killer drinks, Lola stands out from Denver’s rows of creative restaurants. Whether you’re taking a break from sitting at home, or if you’ve taken to the town to explore the neighborhood, natives and visitors alike flock to Lola. It’s the perfect place to get some takeout before scoping some incredible views of the mountains and enjoying the crisp air.

Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey

With their private patio and community amenities, Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey is a staple of Denver’s dining scene. It’s right by the Ogden Theatre and is a must-stop for a one-person tour of Denver’s taco scene. In fact, they are often voted as having some of the best tacos in the U.S. While it’s a ways away from the temporary housing in the DTC business center, as well as Arvada’s spacious suburbs, it’s well worth the excursion. You may want to hit a fitness center after you have your takeout, though!

Stoic & Genuine

If you enjoy seafood, this is your spot. Located right in the heart of LoDo, this is the best place to grab some fresh seafood to go. Afterward, you can go on some great outdoor adventures and explore the city more. It’s in a lively neighborhood great for residents and for visitors alike.

Athenian Restaurant

An excellent Greek restaurant for your Mediterranean mindset, Athenian Restaurant offers  no-fuss takeout and is situated next to acres of parks. It’s near the Cherry Creek State Park neighborhood and features  simple amenities that make your dining experience that much better. If you’re staying near Aurora, this is an excellent option.

Work & Class

For many renters in the U.S., comfort food is ideal. Work & Class has a way of making you feel revitalized and comfy with hearty fares. The restaurant follows city ordinance to the letter and is great for anyone who wants to remain cautious during the pandemic.

Farmhouse Thai

Skip the golf courses, the gold rush mining town, and the virtual tours – instead, can feast on some delicious Thai food when you’re nestled up on your balcony. From there,  enjoy a bowl of authentic soup on your new granite countertops. It’s delicious and filling, plus so much more.

When you’re considering a short-term primary residence or AirBnb in Denver, CO., there are so many pros. From the major sports teams like the NFL’s Denver Broncos, the MLB’s Colorado Rockies, and the NBA’s Denver Nuggets ,to the Denver Museum of Nature, the Denver Zoo, and the vibrant nightlife spots, it seems silly to say that that one of the best parts of looking for apartments Denver, CO is the food.

Whether you’re browsing Victorian-era buildings downtown or meeting with real estate agents to talk about investment properties, keep these top takeout options in mind.


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