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11 Pros and Cons of Moving to Atlanta

By Landing | Oct 21, 2020
Skyline view of Atlanta, Georgia

Whether you’re relocating to Atlanta for the Southern hospitality or the airport that can take you anywhere, there are plenty of reasons to call Atlanta home. Residents can enjoy all the best parts of a major city from the fully furnished apartments in Atlanta to the charm of suburbia and natural beauty of mountains and lakes just a drive away. 

There are sports teams to cheer on, talented musicians to listen to, Southern food to eat your fill of, and outdoor adventures to be had. Whether you choose to live in downtown Atlanta or one of the many desirable Atlanta suburbs, you’ll have easy access to all this and more. 

Moving to a new city is a big decision, though, so scroll on to learn all the pros and cons of living in Atlanta. This list will help make your choice easier and simplify your move, should you choose to do so. 

The benefits of living in Atlanta

Let’s start with the best parts, shall we? We’ve already touted some of Atlanta’s best features, but these are the real benefits you’ll uncover in this Southern city:

Pro: Welcome to everyone 

Can we agree, the hardest part of moving to a new city is finding where you fit in? Whether it’s the neighborhood, the passions, or the people, it can be tough to make a new place feel like home. Not in Atlanta. Southern hospitality really is a thing in this metropolis, and while the sweet-as-tea “hellos” and chivalry can make someone new in town feel welcome and warm inside, it’s the city’s incredible diversity that can make them feel they belong. The city celebrates its diversity, valuing the individuality and culture each person and group brings to the place.  

In addition to its diverse demographic, the city has something for everyone; from the music to the neighborhoods, options are everywhere. Whether you love to run or bike, dance or dine, you’ll find your place in the city and people who love to do the same things as you do too.   

Pro: Plenty of entertainment

There are plenty of community theaters and comedy clubs in Atlanta, making it easy to see a show any night of the week. If you prefer to be on the stage, Atlanta has recently become the “Hollywood of the South” thanks to big film and television productions taking place there. So, yes, you may even see a celebrity in real-life walking down the street or shopping at the grocery store—imagine that!

In addition to stage and screen entertainment, Atlanta throws some of the best and most entertaining festivals. On any given weekend, you’ll be able to find a festival of some sort happening somewhere nearby. Wander historic parts of town at street fairs, peruse local creations at art festivals, or get your groove on at music festivals small and large such as Music Midtown and TomorrowWorld.  

Pro: Sports, sports, sports

While sports could easily fall under the category of entertainment, it deserves a headline of its own when talking about Atlanta. If you’re a fan of sports of any kind, college, professional, football, baseball, you name it, you’re going to love living in Atlanta. You’ve got the Braves (Major League Baseball), the Falcons (NFL), the Hawks (NBA), the Dream (WNBA), The United FC (Major League Soccer), and that’s just pro teams. Georgia Tech and Georgia State campuses are smack dab in the middle of Atlanta, so you’ll have your pick of college teams to root for all year long as well. 

Pro: Easy access to nature

In an hour or two’s drive you can feel a world away from downtown Atlanta and surrounded by nature. Stone Mountain and the Chattahoochee River are located right in the suburbs of Atlanta. They offer hiking and biking trails, tubing, river rafting, stand-up paddleboarding, and plenty of fresh air. Beyond the ‘burbs, there are countless state parks, the North Georgia Mountains, and the Appalachian Mountains, all featuring lakes for fishing, falling leaves for viewing, trails for hiking, and parks for camping.

Tips From a Landing Member

Landing members Parker and Kyle with their dog, Millie.

“Atlanta was great for quick weekend getaways! Helen, a little Bavarian town in Georgia’s northern mountains, provided the perfect mix of hiking, relaxation, and even a few wineries to enjoy.”

— Landing member Parker Jones, “How Living as Digital Nomads Is Helping Us Find the City of Our Dreams

While there are plenty of adventures to be had just outside the city center, you don’t even have to leave the downtown metro area to experience nature. Dubbed the “City in a Forest,” Atlanta proper has more trees than buildings. Plus, the connection of trails called The Beltline, 22 miles of unused railroad tracks circling Atlanta’s core, offers plenty of scenery for a walk, run, or bike ride. 

Pro: Affordable housing

Looking for an affordable fully furnished apartment or condo? Compared to other major cities,  the Atlanta real estate market is much more affordable. 

Part of this is due to the endless array of beautiful places to live within the greater Atlanta area. Each of the city’s suburbs offers unique characteristics that contribute to its charm or quirkiness. Whether you’re looking for wide-open-spaces or walkability, and to rent or to buy, you can find affordable housing and fully-furnished apartments all over the Atlanta area. Before you make a final decision on an apartment, review these questions you should ask before signing a lease.  

Pro: Go anywhere in the world

As the avid travelers we know you are (after all, you’re looking for a temporary living space in a new city), access to one of the largest airports in the world will be a pro you’re sure to benefit from. When you can go anywhere in the country, and most of the world, on a nonstop flight from your home airport, travel is cheaper and easier. That’s what Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta has to offer. 

Pro: A stable job market

Finding a job opportunity when attempting to move to a new city can be tasking. With 16 Fortune 500 companies headquartered within its city limits and all the universities, infrastructure, and hospitals there too, Atlanta has plenty of opportunities for the job seeker. While jobs are plentiful, career growth is also attainable for young professionals in this Southern hub for big business. 

Pro: The food and drink scene

While Southern staples can be found all around town, the diversity in Atlanta lends itself to delicious multi-cultural cuisine as well. Foodies will find everything their heart desires done deliciously well. You’ll also find plenty of Farmer’s Markets that pop up every day of the week and bring fresh produce and local eats right to your neighborhood street. From the swanky speakeasy to the downhome pub, there are also plenty of bars to wet your whistle in Atlanta. Plus, beer, wine, and food festivals abound all over town year-round.

The drawbacks of living in Atlanta

While it’s hardly possible we’ll dissuade you with a few cons of living in Atlanta, Georgia suburbs after the long list of pros, it’s our job to leave you fully informed so you can make the best possible decision for you. Without further adieu, here are the drawbacks of living in Atlanta: 

Con: The traffic

In any big city, the fullness of people and nine-to-fives means traffic. Atlanta traffic is the bane of anyone trying to get anywhere at 5 o’clock on a weekday. The draw of suburb life means rush hour in and out of the city is unbearable at best. Sadly, though, that’s not the only time you have to worry about traffic in Atlanta. As anyone who has lived there for long will tell you, it’s an unavoidable part of the city. However, it’s not all bad news. Given the likelihood that many companies will stay working remotely for the indefinite future, traffic in Atlanta may become much more tolerable. 

Con: Lack of public transportation

Given the incredible traffic, you may have guessed that Atlanta isn’t big on public transportation, and you’d be right. It’s pretty unrealistic to assume you’ll be able to walk or commute via public transit to work, or anywhere, in Atlanta, so you’ll need a car, and thus, can look forward to spending a lot of time in it. The only way around the daily commute is living in Atlanta’s metro downtown area where you’re walking distance to work, but you’ll still need a car to get almost anywhere else. 

Con: Hot and humid summers

Hot, humid days and steamy nights await Atlantians every late summer. However, while it may seem never-ending at the moment, these two months (July and August) are bearable in the grand scheme of mild temperatures year-round. Plus, who doesn’t love more sunshine? 

Navigating the pros and cons of moving to Atlanta

We’ve supplied you with the moving to Atlanta pros and cons, but weighing them is up to you. Before you go, remember, a fully-furnished landing spot will make moving to Atlanta all the easier. Browse our selection of apartments in the Atlanta area and find what you’re looking for. Whether you want to stay for a month or decide to stay for much much longer, our flexible lease options make moving and living a breeze. Add that to the pro list, and the scales will shift even more. 


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