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New York. Greatest City in the world.

But here’s the thing about finding a place to live in NYC…There are So. Many. Steps. 

Meet a broker. Take the tours. Fill out an application. Sign a lease. Plunk down a hefty deposit. Pick up the keys. Hire movers. Hook up the internet. Assemble furniture. 

It can be scary and exhausting, like climbing the stairs to a fifth-floor walkup.

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You go through a seamless approval process and pay just $199 to become a member — and that’s it. There’s no broker’s fee, no application fee, no security deposit, and no rigid long-term lease. 

That puts money back in your pocket. For your next stroll past the stores in SoHo or Williamsburg. And because $15 cocktails don’t buy themselves.

Our apartments are available to tour virtually, and every home is furnished and move-in-ready. 

Just bring yourself and spend your time on the things you love — as soon as they’re safe again. … Or waiting for the L train.

When you’re ready to try a new neighborhood or a new city, we make it frictionless to transfer among our nationwide network of amazing Landings. 

It’s smooth and easy, like an elevator gliding up to your perch in the sky.


Seamless Approval
Only $199 Membership.

No Rigid Lease

Stay as long or little as you like.

No Broker Fee


No Security Deposit



Living with Landing isn’t just easier. It’s more comfortable, too.

Landing members enjoy elegantly designed homes that are fully equipped with custom furnishings, decked-out kitchens and thoughtful details for your work-from-home setup. 

All this plus 24/7 support through the easy-to-use app and the network of local hosts. For when you just can’t make it to the bodega.

So you can focus on the best step of all: putting your feet up.

Find your Landing

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