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Moving to Orlando? 8 Fun Facts You Should Know

By Bri Hand | Jun 9, 2021
Moving to Orlando

Orlando is a vibrant city in Florida that boasts year-round sunny weather, attractions such as Walt Disney World and other theme parks, plus a high quality of life you may not be able to find in other areas of the U.S. If you’re planning on moving to Orlando, here are eight fun facts you likely never knew about the city:

1. Orlando has nearly 100 parks to choose from

While there aren’t necessarily 100 theme parks in Orlando, this city does have its fair share of recreational parks. When you’re not visiting Universal Orlando or Disney World, the city offers everything from lakeside parks to athletic fields, if you’re looking for some spots to get some exercise.

2. Sinkhole or lake?

Lake Eola, which is a place you’ll certainly want to visit when living in Orlando, is so deep that many residents and tourists think it’s a sinkhole—and they’re partially right! The truth is that Lake Eola actually formed from a sinkhole, and it is now the official symbol of the city of Orlando. 

3. Orlando is home to many threatened and endangered species of wildlife

Orlando wetlands

The Orlando wetlands are the home of many species of wildlife, many of which are threatened and endangered. There are as many as 30 different species of wildlife roaming the wetlands. 

4. Many films have been shot in Orlando.

Not only is Orlando home to Walt Disney, but plenty of movies have been shot there as well, such as “The Waterboy,” “Parenthood,” “The Days of Thunder,” “2 Fast 2 Furious,” and “My Girl,” among many others.

5. Hurricane season comes around every year

Hurricanes in Orlando

If you’re thinking of moving to Orlando—or any area of Florida, for that matter—hurricane season is a serious thing you need to be prepared for. Hurricanes are a very real and present danger, so be prepared to keep your home and your family safe. 

6. Orlando used to be known as Jernigan

Orlando’s history is quite interesting if you take the time to look into it. Many Orlando residents and tourists don’t know that Orlando wasn’t always called Orlando. In fact, the city’s name used to be Jernigan, named after the first person to settle in the area permanently. 

7. Disney World wasn’t the first theme park opened in Orlando

Alligator in Orlando

Most people think of Disney World when they think of Orlando, but the first theme park in Orlando was actually Gatorland, which opened in 1949. From ziplining over 100+ alligators to sitting back and watching a gator wrestling performance, there’s still plenty to do at Gatorland for the whole family. 8. The Backstreet Boys were founded in Orlando

Many people—even diehard fans—don’t know that the Backstreet Boys were actually founded in Orlando, so you have this city to thank for all of your favorite ‘90s bangers.

Moving to Orlando?

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