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Moving to Denver: A Comprehensive Guide

By Bri Hand | Jul 19, 2021
Skyline view of Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, is far, far more than just a western city—it’s the gateway to the Midwest and the portal to the monumental Rocky Mountains. This bustling city has an up-and-coming culture that makes it the perfect spot for young professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Pros and cons of moving to Denver

As with any city, there are plenty of benefits and drawbacks to moving to this Colorado city. Here are some of the pros and cons of moving to Denver

  • Pro: Denver is close to many national parks and mountains, such as Mount Elbert, Mount Evans, and Longs Peak. 
  • Con: Denver sits at a high altitude, which can make it more difficult to exercise. However, this does mean you’re closer to the sun! 
  • Pro: Denver has a booming economy and expanding job market. 
  • Con: The cost of living in Denver is on the higher end when compared to other U.S. cities.
  • Pro: Denver is an active and adventurous city, with plenty of outdoor activities such as summer mountain sports, extreme water sports, and high-flying adventure sports.
  • Con: Denver is landlocked, so you won’t be hitting the beach anytime soon in this city. 
  • Pro: Denver has an exciting sports scene and is home to eight professional sports teams. 
  • Con: Denver can have pretty congested traffic, and there is limited public transportation. 

Businesses in the Denver

The Mile High City boasts a rich and robust business district with a number of major employers throughout the city. The city is also quite profitable in terms of tourism, sports, entertainment, recreation, and the arts. 

Comcast, Charles Schwab, Dish Network, United Healthcare, and Western Union are among some of the largest employers in the city. Fortune 500 companies in Denver include Liberty Media, Arrow Electronics, and Newmont Goldcorp

Additionally, the University of Colorado Denver, University of Denver, and MSU Denver employ large swaths of the population, along with recreational and educational institutions such as the Denver Art Museum and the Denver Botanic Gardens. As you can see, Denver has something for everyone! 

Neighborhoods in Denver

If you’re considering moving to Denver, Colorado, start your search for a furnished apartment for rent in one of these beautiful Denver neighborhoods

  • Gateway Park is an exciting new development right near the heart of downtown Denver. Featuring an expansive surrounding area ripe for business and residential development, Gateway Park is full of unique housing options and an exciting retail area. 
  • Foxfield is a town located just outside of Denver but is still part of the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area. If you’re looking for a quiet place to unwind after dealing with the hustle and bustle of Denver, Foxfield is your new home. 
  • The Central Business District is one of the most lively areas in the city and serves as Denver’s metropolis. Complete with towering skyscrapers, exciting restaurants, exceptional retail options, and a number of business headquarters, the Central Business District is the epitome of Denver. 
  • Capitol Hill is a wonderful neighborhood if you’re looking to enter into the unique history of Denver’s past. This lovely residential district features old mansions and beautiful homes. It’s also a great neighborhood to consider if you’re settling down to raise a family. 
  • Highland overlooks Denver’s bustling downtown, offering a glimpse of city living while being a residential neighborhood at heart. Take advantage of the beautiful sights and sounds, visit old restaurants, party at fun cocktail bars, and enjoy some urban living located just across from Coors Field. 
  • Glendale is one of Denver’s premier suburban neighborhoods and is one of the best places to live in the city (and in Colorado!). Sitting alongside Cherry Creek, this neighborhood offers prime real estate with fantastic schools, beautiful developments, and charming homes—along with a friendly main street. 
  • Congress Park is part of Denver’s historic district and offers urban living at its very finest. With tons of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, and parks within walking distance, Congress Park is a great place to be if you want to be close to the action. 
  • Northeast Denver is a quieter, more laid-back area of the city, with tree-lined streets, friendly neighbors, and more diversity, as the community is a mix of historic and more up-and-coming neighborhoods. 
  • Ruby Hill is less than five miles south of Downtown Denver and offers Denverites the perfect mix of urban and suburban vibes, as well as plenty of bars, restaurants, and parks to enjoy. 
  • Southeast Denver is a perfect mix of old and new, with historic architecture and charming neighborhoods, each with their own unique character. 
  • Washington Park is a more residential, family-friendly neighborhood with sports facilities, playgrounds, green space, and golf courses that Denverites love. This area is filled with environmentally conscious and community-minded residents who enjoy the neighborhood’s peaceful vibe and many small, independently owned businesses.

Average rent prices in Denver

On average, one-bedroom apartments in Denver are around $1,405 a month, and two-bedroom apartments will cost around $1,900. 

What you’ll pay largely depends where you’re moving to. You can expect to pay an average of $2,387 per month for a one-bedroom place in a higher-end area such as Jefferson Park, and around $1,173 for a more affordable one-bedroom in Congress Park.

In Five Points, you can expect to pay $1,640 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, and $1,940 per month for a one-bedroom spot in Highland. 

Recreation and things to do in Denver

The Mile High City truly has something for everyone to enjoy. From arts and entertainment to sports, food, and most recently, beer, Denver is a lovely place to enjoy, day in and day out. Moving to Denver? Here are some ideas for things to do:

Planning on spending some time in Denver during the warmer months? Check out our guide for fun things to do in Denver during the summer.

Dining in Denver

From casual dining to upscale options, the Denver area has an excellent food scene. Some restaurants we recommend include: 

  • Roxy on Broadway: This is an easy choice. Roxy on Broadway offers excellent food, a great atmosphere, and live music of all varieties. Check out the truffle fries and pastrami sliders on pizza rolls. 
  • Maine Shack: Located in Highland, Maine Shack brings New England over to the Rockies for some fresh Maine-inspired food. Lose yourself in a lobster roll, revel in the lobster mac ‘n cheese, or pick up some surf and turf. 
  • Uncle: If ramen and noodles are your thing, check out Uncle, located in Washington Park West. Find endless noodle options at Uncle, with a number of tasty sides you can’t resist. 

Transportation in Denver

One of the best things about moving to Denver is that there are plenty of ways to get around the city and see the sights—even if you don’t bring a car with you to Denver. Transportation options in Denver include: 

Denver is also known as a very bike-friendly city, so it will be easy to get around on your bike if you bring it with you.

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