Mindfulness, Community & Friends in Pots; Surviving and Thriving at Home

Mindfulness Can Be More than Meditation:

As we all navigate these uncertain times, it’s important to find little ways to decompress and recenter our minds. One way to do this is through guided meditation and simple exercises proven to reduce stress. We love the Headspace and Calm apps for this. Another great resource is online therapy. Talkspace allows you to chat with a licensed therapist from the comfort of home. Finding ways to stay active can also be helpful in managing stress. While this may not be your time to become a marathoner, getting up and moving for just 30 minutes a day can have huge benefits on your health. Here‘s a list of a few of our favorite at-home fitness tips, including a guide from The Nudge with some great suggestions on how to keep our heart rates up and stress levels down. Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of natural light and a little fresh air to boost your mood. Pull back the curtains and open the windows to help get air flowing naturally here are a few tips for creating more natural light if it’s lacking in your home). While we might not be able to spend a ton of time outdoors, simple changes can help “refresh” our living (and now work) spaces and clear your mind.


How to Support Your Community:

Across the country, we encourage our friends, colleagues and members to support local businesses in their community. If you’re stocking up on groceries or need a few essentials, consider purchasing from a local market. Some restaurants are selling recipe kits so you can make some of their most iconic meals from home. Reach out your local favorites and become a gourmet chef from the comfort of your home.  If you’re looking for ways to support those impact by the spread of the virus, check out some of these non-profits that are supporting individuals nationwide below. Additionally, here are good local resources offering some ways you can help the businesses and restaurants you know and love.

The Power of Plants:

Did you know sprucing up your space with little green friends has been proven to help clear your mind and provide stress relief? There are a number of companies that will deliver plants straight to your door, like Bloomspace or The Sill. If you have a indoor garden already started, try your hand at propagation! Here‘s a simple guide about which plants are best for propagating and how to multiply them at home. Happy gardening!