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Meet Landing’s Travel Nurses: Abdul Razzak Esteitieh

By Landing | May 6, 2022
Meet Landing’s Travel Nurses: Abdul Razzak Esteitieh

Happy Nurse’s Week! We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share the stories of the travel nurses who are currently living with Landing and taking advantage of the freedom our furnished apartments and flexible leases afford them as they travel from contract to contract. 

Abdul is currently living with his wife in his second Landing in Wichita, Kansas, and enjoys splitting his time between his job as a travel nurse and his passion for skydiving. Read more about how Abdul started living with Landing, how he spends his time, and his advice for others looking for travel nurse housing below:

Tell us a bit about yourself! 

My name is Abdul, and I have been a travel nurse for about 14 years. I’m originally from Lebanon and came to the United States in 2017. I lived in Indiana for a few years, then started working as a travel nurse in the U.S. last year. Currently, I work in an emergency room in Wichita, Kansas, and live in a two-bedroom Landing with my wife, who is also a nurse. 

My schedule is always crazy. I do different shifts, but lately, I’ve been doing shifts from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., and I’ll do the occasional night shift, if needed. I also have a lot going on outside of work. I’m currently working on getting my MBA in healthcare, and my wife is doing her nurse practitioner degree. In terms of activities, I am a skydiver and scuba diver, and I go to the gym three or four times a week. I also love cooking, reading, and watching Netflix, like everybody. 

What I love most about travel nursing is the flexibility. That’s what makes it a lot better than working as a staff nurse, on top of the pay. You can be at the top of your career and make the call about where you want to live for the next three months. Just to be able to experience different cultures or different places while working is incredible. I can travel somewhere if the season is particularly beautiful at a certain time of year. I like to skydive all year long, so sometimes I’ll do that when I’m in the Midwest over the summer. But when the weather becomes annoying, I can go south or somewhere nice like Florida or California. And the nice thing about Landing is that I can find places anywhere I go. 

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What led you to start living with Landing?

I chose Landing because it was the best option available for furnished apartments. I was able to find whatever I wanted everywhere I go, with the luxury of not committing to long leases I might not stay for, since I’m always on the go. 

Everything Landing does, I used to have to do by myself. I used to live with another nurse from Lebanon, but at some point, we had to split because I started travel nursing before he ended his contract. That was a pain in the neck, finding a subleaser and doing the bills myself every month for electricity and internet. It becomes a bit of an inconvenience, as opposed to having somebody from Landing doing it for you. 

What do you like about your Landing? 

I always tell people everywhere I go that I love the towels here! They’re nice, smooth, and thick. The towels are the first thing people notice when they visit me. 

I don’t like to buy my food—I like to make my food. With my Landing, I have pretty much everything I need for cooking equipment, along with other appliances like my washing machine and dryer. 

I also like how everyone at Landing was very professional. The apartment was clean when I moved in, and the furniture and decor looked very thought-through. I just like it! It feels like home. 

What advice do you have for other travel nurses living with Landing? 

I always share my experiences with Landing with other travel nurses. We’re always on the go and always meet new travelers who are looking for new living options or accommodations. I always recommend Landing because of the flexibility. With the way that travel nursing expenses go, you can use your tax-free housing stipend to get a luxurious setup with Landing. You deserve to pamper yourself after a long shift!

As of next year, my wife and I are going to start traveling the world together, and hopefully, Landing will be our guide in terms of accommodation! 

Looking for travel nurse housing?

If you’re a travel nurse looking for somewhere to live during your contract, Landing offers fully furnished apartments in over 375 cities throughout the U.S., all with flexible lease terms that allow you to live there for as long as you’d like—two weeks’ notice is all you need to move to your new home within the Landing network. Learn more about what a Landing membership can do for you, and browse our apartments today! 

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