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Meet Our Members: Why Professional Volleyball Player Rachael Adams Loves Her Landing Apartment

By Landing | Oct 20, 2021
Rachael Adams in her Landing apartment

Having played professional volleyball internationally for the better part of a decade, Rachael Adams is no stranger to travel and uncertainty. Long road trips have become a part of her day-to-day life, and she’s grown accustomed to calling a number of different cities “home,” if only for short periods of time. 

Over the course of her professional career, she’s spent time in a wide variety of places—two years in Poland, two years in Italy, two years in Turkey, then another year in Italy, a year in Japan, and then back to Turkey. She’s acclimated to the hot, the cold, the crowded, and countless foreign cultures, but never quite to the hassle and uncertainty of searching for a new home, the subsequent moving costs, then lugging her pots, pans, and dishware around. 

Last year, as the Volleyball Nations League tournament came around, it was time to return back to the United States to start training once again with the US National Team. Back in California, Rachael and the squad prepared for the tournament, which would take place in Russia. However, due to an injury, Rachael was unable to travel. Having to undergo surgery, Rachael was living in California and was staying in an apartment provided by the US National team, but as fellow athletes cycled in and out along with their furniture and appliances, it never quite felt like home. So, Rachael began to search for alternative living options.

Uncertain how much time she would spend in California, Rachael looked at hotels, then vacation rentals, but both options were expensive for the experience they provided, and it was difficult to find a vacation rental that could be booked for an unknown amount of time—let alone indefinitely. 

That’s when Rachael stumbled across Landing. She dug a little deeper and found that, across the board, apartments were beautifully designed and could be fully furnished with in-house-designed furniture and linens, day-of essentials stocked, and kitchens outfitted high-end with cutlery, plates, and appliances. The best part? She could set her stay to “indefinite,” which was a lifesaver for her schedule in flux. So, to no surprise, Rachael signed up to become a member and moved into her first Landing in Anaheim at The George. 

While Anaheim was great, Rachael fell in love with The George building. It had rooftop access, views of the Angels stadium, fire pits, and string lights to set the ambiance—a serene getaway from the hustle and grind. It was quite perfect given that between the gym, volleyball court, and grocery store, Rachael tries to spend any downtime she gets at home to unwind and recover. 

As one would imagine, life as a professional athlete requires a ton of travel. For the most part, Rachael tends to split her time between training in the off-season in the U.S. and competing internationally, with no real “home base” since 2012—seemingly a daunting way of life. But since becoming a Landing member, she’s spending less time searching and applying for her next place to crash, and more time living by reconnecting with friends and family, exploring her neighborhood, and, of course, doing lots and lots of training. 

“Before Landing, sometimes I would get a short-term rental in a nice neighborhood, but the furniture inside was super outdated. And one time, it had pictures from other families in there, and it was just a little weird,“ she says. “When I come home, I just want to relax and just throw my body down. You want to feel good, obviously, now more than ever, when you’re home. And so many times, I did not feel great at all.” 

Now, with Landing, Rachael can expect that experience will be consistent and seamless, from booking from her smartphone or laptop to unlocking her new Landing. No more lugging her pots and pans around, steep moving costs or security deposits, and no more worrying about miscellaneous furniture coming and going. With her nomadic lifestyle, Rachael claims she “just roll(s) with the punches, and that’s why Landing is so great, because it rolls with you.”

Today, Rachael is currently living in Cincinnati, where she continues to train and enjoys her time catching up with friends and family ahead of next season. Next year, you’ll find her back on the court in Brazil, where she’s just signed with Osasco Volleyball Club in São Paulo. After the eight-month season, though, Rachael plans to head back to the States. Although she’s uncertain where exactly, one thing is for sure: She looks forward to a smooth landing!


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