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Meet Our Members: How Bryan Conzone and His Family Lived in Nine Cities in One Year With Landing

By Bri Hand | Sep 15, 2021
Landing member Bryan Conzone

It was June 2020 when Bryan Conzone and his family decided to move away from their Las Vegas apartment. Their lease was up, work was remote, and they were eyeing Dallas or Austin, TX, as the next place to call “home.” Before making any permanent decisions, the plan was to spend a trial stay in each city—perhaps a month or so—to get the feel as a local before making such a big decision. 

The first thing that came to mind was a vacation rental—something furnished so that it felt like home rather than a traditional, temporary hotel experience. Bryan wanted to immerse himself in the surrounding culture, and get a feel for what it felt like to actually live in Dallas or Austin. Searching for fully furnished options, Bryan came across Landing, and figured he would give it a try given the flexible leasing options, charming design, and convenience of a fully finished home with designer-quality furnishings.

That month, Bryan, his wife Jenn, and son and daughter Max and Mia placed their furniture, TVs, kitchen appliances, and other larger items in storage, and set out for the Lone Star State. They joined Landing, booked an apartment in Dallas, and started out their “temporary” visit to try out what could be their future neighborhood. After one month in Dallas, they moved to Austin for another month, then headed back to Dallas again. All the while, Bryan and his family fell in love with not just their Landing, but the experience and concept of flexible living entirely. 

Prior to joining Landing, Bryan had toyed with the idea of their family leading a sort of “digitally nomadic” lifestyle—one where they’d continually travel, exploring new landscapes, regions, and culture. At the time, Jenn was wary and a little uncertain of how to go about it. It resembled more of a dream that wouldn’t be possible for many years down the road, likely not until both of their children left home. There was also still a need to physically be in person at work, and the cost of fully furnished rentals was a bit unreasonable for the stale experience and inflexible terms of leasing. However, after pandemic lockdowns ensued, Jenn was forced to leave her position as an RN to take care of their children (as there was no longer childcare available). The silver lining? Nothing necessarily dictated where they were required to live any longer.

So now, the ability to become a Landing member, and move freely throughout a nationwide network of fully furnished apartments under flexible lease terms got Bryan and Jenn thinking. It unlocked an exciting life filled with new cities, new food, and new experiences. With stays as short as 30 days, it was a chance to never stop exploring. Suitcases in hand, strapped with their favorite belongings, they set out for life with Landing. 

The Conzones moved from Dallas, TX to Austin, TX, and back to Dallas, TX again. Then they were off to Orange County, then Milpitas, CA, and later Portland, OR. At that point, they asked themselves, “Why don’t we finish the West Coast?” So, they ventured to Bellevue, WA, before moving inland to Salt Lake City, UT, and then Scottsdale, AZ. 

In just one year, they had stayed in eight cities and nine Landings across vastly different parts of the country. The best part? With Landing, they never really ventured far from “home.” Their Landing apartments maintained the quality and consistency in design that they had fallen in love with—a great night’s sleep on a custom-designed mattress, stunning and stylish furniture, and a basket of goodies to welcome them home. While their Landing would take on new statement pieces, artwork, or floor plans with every stay, it continued to feel like home with each change of scenery. 

The flexibility remained their favorite part. There was no need to be tied down for the long term or the short term. Indefinite stays would provide them with just the flexibility they needed to settle in and plan their next stay—whether that was in a month, two, or six—though it never took quite that long. Landing was convenient, spontaneous, and a quality experience altogether.

Today, Bryan maintains that it’s just the beginning. Next up, the Conzones have booked their next Landing in Denver, CO. They’ve never been to the Mile High City, and given its recent surge in popularity, they feel it’s time to find out what all the buzz is about. After Denver, having previously lived in the Chicago area, Bryan plans to make his way back for a month or so. Then it’s off to the East Coast, where the Conzones will land in New York City before Boston, both cities that their family has visited, but never quite experienced as locals. 

After that, Bryan insists that they’re going to slow down a little. Nine cities in just one year, all while working full-time, has resulted in some exploration-packed schedules. 

“It’s been a little excessive,” he says fondly. Rather than spending about a month in each city, the Conzones plan to continue their nomadic lifestyle, but extend their stays for a few months in each city to truly unlock all that these vibrant places have to offer.

Bri Hand

Bri Hand is Landing's Content Marketing Manager. She currently lives in Salem, Massachusetts, with her partner and dog, Arlo, but relishes any opportunity she can to travel so she can try new foods, see gorgeous sights, and daydream about living somewhere new after visiting there for less than 24 hours.