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Life Through Landing

Life With Landing: Why LaBrandon Dates Loves His Landing Lifestyle

By Bri Hand

Hi, my name is LaBrandon Dates. I’m an ad agency guy and a content creator. I work remotely, primarily from home or wherever I have an internet connection, and I’m currently living in Birmingham, Alabama. 

My favorite thing about Landing is that it really helps me live the life I want to live, without the expense, hassle, and stress of traditional moving. As a remote worker who loves to travel, I love the idea of being able to go and spend some serious time in a different city. Landing gives me the option to have a fully furnished apartment with an open-ended lease at a fraction of the cost of traditional housing. You can literally pack up, go to a new city, and really be there long enough to experience it and really understand the culture. 

My favorite thing about Landing is the consistent experience, not only from the booking process but also when I’m walking into a Landing. I love the look and feel. It’s clean, it’s modern, it’s bright. It’s literally the same bed in every city—there’s no adjusting to a new mattress, or a new comforter. It literally feels like I’m taking my bed with me wherever I go! 

Also, it’s great to meet up with a Landing host and have someone who welcomes you to the city and the space. You can ask all the questions you might have about what’s good to eat in the area, or where the closest grocery store is, things like that. 

In other words, Landing is my lifestyle. It makes it really easy to be flexible with how you live your life. 

Want to live with Landing? 

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Bri Hand published on September 1, 2021