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Life With Landing: How Landing’s Flexible Leases Keep Life Fun for Alan Herman

By Landing

Hey! My name is Alan, and I am currently living in a Landing in Aventura, Florida, with my wife and two dogs, Lenny and Petrushka.

We found out about Landing while we were looking for a place that was flexible and would give us the ability to move around and not be tied to a house. It was the perfect fit! Particularly in the last year of 2020, it’s been really difficult to know what’s going to happen, so I really like the idea of not being tied to a place. Knowing you don’t have to commit to a home for a long time and that you’re free to move when you want is really great.

There are a lot of things I love about our Landing. The furniture is amazing, and I love the paintings they hung up on the walls. I also love that you can have your dogs—they’re family, after all! And again, I really like the flexibility and knowing I don’t have to be in the same place for too much time and that I can move around freely if I want.

We’re not sure which Landing city we’re going to live in next—it’s an open question right now, but that’s kind of the fun of it! We’re considering Los Angeles, Orlando, and Austin, Texas. Wherever we end up, I’m excited to continue our journey! 

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Landing published on August 26, 2021