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Life With Landing: How Landing Helps Chelsea Laden ‘Pursue Each Adventure Without Compromise’

By Landing

Hello! My name is Chelsea, and I’m currently living in the beautiful and welcoming city of Greensboro, North Carolina. 

I like to consider myself a traveling extraordinaire, or maybe just someone who travels all the time. I am currently a fourth-year optometry student who is finishing up my externship site rotation, so every three months, I go to a new location. I’m also on a TV show where we are constantly traveling, so it’s safe to say the past two years have been quite the journey. 

I was introduced to Landing by a simple Google search. I was trying to find the perfect combination for living arrangements that fit my crazy, hectic life. I typed in “short-term leases” and “fully furnished” in the cities I was looking for. This was basically everything I was looking for in an apartment, but I didn’t think it was possible. However, that search led me to the beautiful discovery of Landing, which is such a brilliant and very helpful company. 

Landing has allowed me to pursue each adventure without compromise and has alleviated the stress of moving—and actually made it incredibly enjoyable! Landing has also allowed me to see some of the most beautiful cities in the States, and for that I am incredibly thankful. 

I love Landing’s smooth transitions, convenience, and the abundance of materials and furniture they provide. Also, the communication from the Landing team has been great. Any questions I’ve had have been answered in a very timely manner, and it has just been an overall great experience, from top to bottom. 

My next stop is Chicago, Illinois, where I will actually be finishing up my externship site rotation. I’m just months away from Dr. Chelsea! I’m so excited, and I really hope to use Landing for this next step! 

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Landing published on August 28, 2021