Goodbye, Traditional Renting—Hello, Landing! #LandingLife Contest Winners Tap Into Flexible Living for One Year, Rent-Free

By Landing | Dec 1, 2021
Woman holds two fingers out the window of a moving car while traveling as a digital noamd.

Well on its way to the mainstream, the concept of flexible living has exploded in popularity over the past year. With the ability to stay connected and plugged into work from virtually anywhere, people from all over have seemingly caught a bit of wanderlust—exploring new landscapes and destinations without ever missing a beat.

With Landing, people can adventure on their own terms without having to leave “home” behind. Our flexible network of more than 35,000 apartments nationwide empowers members to unlock life and bring the perks of flexible living with them wherever they roam. No strict leases, security deposits, or application fees—members just show up and start living!

That’s why we launched our #LandingLife contest to give a few lucky winners the opportunity to make the leap into the brave new world of flexible living, rent-free for an entire year! So, with the help of our expert panel of judges, we’ve selected three winners from an extremely vibrant, talented, and adventurous pool of applicants. Meet this year’s #LandingLife winners!


@beegrizwrites on TikTok

Becca, John, and their dog Patty aren’t your average digital nomads. They may have corporate jobs (well, not Patty), but that’s never held them back from exploring. Travel restrictions, however? That’s a different story! After having to cancel their honeymoon last year, they’re ready to make up for it by hitting the open road in 2022. 

As a talented musician, John is planning to hit all the open mics he can, and Becca is already scoping out must-see hiking trails from coast-to-coast. They also both plan to finally settle their debate on the city with the best cup of coffee—well, hopefully. 

With Landing’s amazing amenities, high-speed internet, and pet-friendly apartments, this pair is packing their bags and getting ready for their 2022 venture to Austin, Nashville, Milwaukee, and Wilmington.

Learn more about Becca, John, and Patty here!

Max Hilty 

@max_hilty on IG

Max has some big plans for 2022. As a trickshot master, he’s set his sights on breaking 100 various sports world records by year’s end. And now with Landing, he’s taking his talents across the country to meet some new friends and scout his new favorite cities along the way. Landing is giving Max the freedom and flexibility he’s been searching for to make his dreams come true.

We’ll see you out on the field, Max!

Learn more about Max here!

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Madison Liston Gomes 

@madventure on YouTube

Madison and Ivan set out as digital nomads just five months ago. While Ivan’s been working on a brand-new software venture, Madison’s been building out her YouTube channel that inspires people to live out their wildest adventures! It’s been busy establishing each of their businesses, which is why they make the most of their time outside of work.

By living with Landing rent-free for a year, they’re looking forward to living like locals in Miami, New York City, and Nashville, where they’ll enjoy the beach, find new eats, and, most importantly, not have to worry about spotty Wi-Fi. As digital nomads in today’s world, they’ll have “all of the perks with none of the problems” by living with Landing. 

Learn more about Madison and Ivan here!

We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome each of our winners to the #LandingLife. With a nationwide array of apartments to choose from across more than 375 cities, there’s no shortage of adventure. Winners will be able to live in up to four cities across the country and enjoy the full suite of Landing’s membership benefits, including: 

  • 24/7 access to dedicated member experience teams
  • Fully furnished and pet-friendly apartments
  • Exclusive member events
  • Surprise giveaways
  • Free travel nights to use throughout the year for shorter, last-minute adventures
  • Full access to Landing’s network of beautifully designed apartments to book within minutes

Alongside Becca, Max, and Madison, we’re waving traditional living goodbye this 2022, and saying, “Hello, Landing!” Congratulations!

Announcing our runners-up! 

We’re also excited to announce that we received so many fantastic video submissions that we will also be providing prizes to our six runners-up. Check out the winners below!


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