Landing Standby FAQs

How long can I have a Standby member in my home?

We will only place a Standby member in your home for vacancies greater than seven days. They will be in your home generating revenue for you until a full-price booking comes through on any of your platforms.

When and what do I get paid?

We will send you up to $1000/month prorated by the days a Standby member uses. Payment is initiated at the end of the month for all occupied nights by Standby members for the month prior. We don’t pay up front because the length of stay by the Standby member is undefined.

Are cleaning/utilities/other fees included?

Everything is included in the Standby membership. The only additional fee is if the Standby member leaves your home before you need them out – in this case, we’ll charge them a $150 cleaning fee and pass that along to you.

We also understand that short Standby stays will not cover the cost of cleaning. For this reason, we will only list vacancies greater than seven days to ensure that you are covered.

Can I still list on other platforms if I opt-in to Standby?

Of course. We want what is best for your business, and we designed Standby to play nicely with your other partnerships. We don’t want to take anything away from what you are already doing, so Standby works with any platform that syncs your calendar.

How will my calendar work with this product across listing sites?

If a Standby member is in your home, your calendar will be reserved for the next three days to honor the Standby member’s move-out notice. We’ve created this product to be as hands-off as possible, integrated in your current work flows like normal bookings.

How do I opt-in to this program?

If you want to take advantage of Standby, feel free to opt-in using this form! If you have specific properties that you want to opt-in, feel free to reach out.

Why does this make sense if I list my home for 3x the price of Standby?

Standby leverages your already existing vacancy to increase your daily rate without actually increasing your daily rate. If the revenue brought in by Standby is blended into your full bookings, it can increase your daily rate by about 15%. Remember, you can still book over a Standby member while they are in your home. It’s as if the home was generating revenue while it’s empty.

I can't do short-term rentals, can I still do Standby?

Yes! The intent of all Standby bookings are long-term. In fact, Standby members sign a regular sublease that notes an indefinite end-date. Landing does not consider Standby reservations short-term, even though a Standby member may be bumped within 30 days.

If I have optimized my business to have 90% occupancy, does Standby still make sense?

Yes, Standby was designed not to take away from your main business. If you are at 90% occupancy with various gaps less than 7 days, you won’t need to worry about Standby. However, it’s difficult to predict the when demand dips or when low season really starts. Standby is a tool to be proactive and bulletproof your business when uncertainty increases. In short, Standby is there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t.

Can I still do same day or next day full-bookings with Standby?

Unfortunately, we require 3 day notice for Standby members to move-out. If a large percentage of your bookings are next day, then Standby may not make sense.

However, if you are in a low season and these bookings are rare, or you just don’t get this volume, Standby is still a great way to plug the gaps between your full bookings.

What screening do you do for Standby members?

Like all Landing members, Standby members are verified for income, credit, employment, and background before being approved.

What type of person lives on Standby? Sounds like an insane lifestyle.

Our prime Standby member is a high-twenties to low-thirties remote worker. We heavily target this demographic as they are more transient and flexible. They are more than willing to move on short-notice given a discount because they want a tool that enables them to experience more places. Standby members work at places like Affirm, Microsoft, and even McKinsey, to name a few.