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Interior Design Trends for Digital Nomads in 2022

By Teresa Bennett | Mar 15, 2022
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Life may be an endless journey for us digital nomads, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a well-designed interior. Quite the opposite, in fact! With so many people transitioning to remote work over the past several years, flexible home office spaces have become a key component of any on-trend home interior.

Below, we’ll take a look at the latest interior design trends cropping up for the spring and summer 2022 seasons. We’ll focus particular attention on trends that matter most to digital nomads, so you can seek out spaces that allow you to settle in quickly and start playing out that work-life balance lifestyle as soon as you’ve finished unpacking your backpack. 

Let’s get started!

1. Midcentury modern reigns supreme

If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Mad Men,” you’ve been treated to a world of sleek midcentury modern designs. Featuring organic forms and emphasis on both function and form, midcentury modern designs are more popular now than ever before. Look out for office desks, modular storage units, sofas, and lounge chairs that feature that classic midcentury modern combination of clean silhouettes and both natural and synthetic materials.

One reason this trend remains so enduring? Midcentury modern furniture is built to last. Quality is key here, and materials are chosen for their sturdiness, practical applications, and elegance. Wheel around in your own Eames office chair at your chic wood and steel desk, and you’re sure to feel like Don Draper or Peggy Olson.

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2. Flexible workspaces with sophisticated room dividers

While keeping a completely separate room in the home delineated specifically for remote work is ideal, digital nomads know that this is not always possible. Instead, designers have emerged with clever and sophisticated ways to create multipurpose rooms that can easily transform from work to play and back again. 

The key to this season’s multipurpose home work spaces? Room dividers. This season brings out a bevvy of new options for fun and elegant room dividers

On the practically inventive side, some dividers come with built-in storage units, built-in USB charging stations and cord organizers, and even built-in work stations with desks. So, you can roll out your office at the start of the day and roll it back again when you’re ready to “come home from the office.” 

Other offerings include romantic room dividers such as movable fireplaces, dividers with bright painted sides, and dividers that do double duty as brainstorming walls, with built-in cork boards and whiteboards.

3. Smart tech for a complete atmosphere 

We all know that smart tech is on the rise—voice-activated assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have become increasingly integrated into our travels and our domestic lives alike. This season, interior designers are interested in combining our newfound embrace of all things smart tech with clever and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Smart speakers that sync to your laptop and phone through the internet are also integrated with your individual apps and your other smart tech devices. Music, lighting, temperature, and even your regular coffee breaks can all be interconnected, forming a dynamic immersive atmosphere. 

If you are hopping from home to home on your nomadic journey, turning up the volume on your favorite tunes and adjusting the climate are great ways to settle in after a long journey. You’ll be ready to work, explore, and play in no time!

4. Natural materials to soothe and focus

This season, natural materials take the spotlight. With so much uncertainty and angst in today’s world, designers are emphasizing materials that bring soothing and grounding properties into the home space. Gone are the sterile, all-white, minimalistic walls of recent seasons. Now, warm raw edge wood, rough clay, granular marble, and chunky textiles are bringing some hygge comfort and wabi-sabi zen to the home space. The emphasis with this trend is on objects that proudly display their imperfections and feel nice to the touch. 

Not only does this create a soothing atmosphere for the entire home, but it can also help promote focus in the home office zone. Rough and natural materials keep the mind calm and at ease, which can actually lend itself to a more productive workday. Dark, richly hued walls in forest greens and desert browns can create an atmosphere that feels safe and all-encompassing. So, you can feel comfortable enough to take bold risks and engage your creativity at work from within this naturally healing space. With today’s trend, your home (and home office) is like a big immersive hug that supports you when you need it. 

5. Grandmillennial meets maximalism

The grandmillennial aesthetic that has emerged in recent seasons combines with another eye-catching trend this season: maximalism. This season’s designs are all about mixing and matching to create unique combinations of bright colors, bold patterns, interesting textural materials, and eclectic knickknacks. 

The grandmillennial aesthetic is like your great auntie’s house—full of bizarre portraits, particular ceramic figurines, wildly massive house plants, and wacky mismatched furniture. The difference? Millennials are picking and choosing their quirky pieces on purpose, intentionally crafting a totally unique atmosphere. 

Where grandmillennial meets maximalism this season, we are going to see even more color and texture abound. Look out for bright, bold wall paint colors, wallpaper, and even handpainted murals. It’s all about turning your space into a work of art, full of sentimental and curatorial value. 

Final thoughts

From city breaks to remote rural escapes, you want a home that suits you. Look for the latest trends for their elegant and functional designs, mood-enhancing properties, durability, and strong sense of character.Landing apartments are specifically designed with digital nomads in mind, combining the best of home and work all in one place. If you’re looking for a high-quality furnished apartment while you’re on the move—with high-end decor that wows—browse Landing’s apartments today.

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