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How to Find an Apartment: Stress-Free Searching

By Landing | Mar 29, 2020
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Moving can be an exciting time: the anticipation of a new skyline to admire, nearby eateries and sites to discover, and a brand new place to call your own. While the end result holds a lot of promise, the path to your new address can feel a little uphill while you’re still searching for options. There’s a lot of variables to consider as you look through rental listings.  The good news is, however, that determining exactly what you’re looking for in an apartment beforehand will streamline the process considerably. Rather than examining and moving on from apartment options that don’t have what you need, you’ll be cultivating a list of excellent options for your new home, whether it be an unfurnished apartment or a furnished apartment. The best way to find apartments is to consider the following questions first:

Where do you want your apartment to be located? 

You likely have the general city area in mind, but are there neighborhoods that look more enticing than others? Do you need proximity to public transit, or is having a parking space available for your vehicle more important to you? It may seem strange to pick a place to live based on nearby city bus lines or subway stations, but finding apartments for rent in convenient areas will shrink your commute and give you more transportation flexibility day-to-day. 

How much storage, if any, will you need?  

While having space for personal items like bicycles is part and parcel of living in an apartment, if you have a great deal of furniture, you’ll need to think ahead. If your current collection of furniture is a mix of outdated inheritances and worn down pieces thrifted from college days, it might be a good idea to downsize and adhere to the “pack light” philosophy of moving. Remember, if it can’t fit in your new apartment, you’ll need to rent a storage unit too!

What do you want your apartment to look like? 

Beyond the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, where in the building would you like to be? The accessibility of a ground floor apartment appeals to some, while others relish the view offered on higher floors. If you have a pet, you may want to look for apartments with access to green areas or walking trails near your potential unit. By outlining what you want before you start your apartment search, you’ll be able to skip out on apartment listings that don’t offer such.

How labor-intensive do you want your moving process to be?

If the thought of attempting to pivot a couch up a stairwell or trying to persuade free labor out of friends doesn’t sound enticing, you’re in good company. Furnished apartments, on the other hand, offer an innovative alternative that won’t leave you stressing over a full moving truck when your help cancels last-minute.

How long do you intend to stay in your new apartment? 

Leases are a tricky obligation to navigate, particularly if you have a job or lifestyle that needs freedom to travel. Apartments in major metropolitan areas are more likely to lock renters into long-term contracts in an effort to stabilize income, which can be problematic for renters that need more flexibility. If you’re looking to maximize your options while minimizing commitment, month-to-month leasing plans are your best bet.  

Does your new apartment have everything you need?

Your apartment is much more than a series of rooms: it’s destined to be your home base. That’s why your search also needs to address possible amenities to be included in the rental, such as utilities, furnishings, housekeeping items like towels and bed linens, kitchen appliances, and even handyman services. While many of these convenient amenities are associated with high-end resorts and hotels, smart apartment shoppers know that the right furnished leasing companies offer them as well. 

Because apartment searching can feel a little frenzied as apartment hunters compete for attractive units on the rental market, you’ll want to iron out the details well before touring any unit in person. Realtors or building owners may try to put pressure on you to hand over money or a check by suggesting you’ll “lose” an apartment you’re considering unless you do. Whenever possible, take the stress out of the equation by working with an organization or agency, rather than an individual. That way, you’re more likely to get thorough answers to your apartment questions without feeling like a timer is audibly ticking down as you decide.

An easy move: Finding a furnished rental that works 

If you’ve been looking for your new apartment with the idea that you and your furniture are a package deal, it might be time to explore your options. 

While you’ve likely had some good memories with your furniture, every piece you keep makes your eventual moving process more expensive on top of your monthly rent. Whether it’s storing it in the apartment, renting a separate storage unit, or the costs of moving it, that leather couch you’re not really crazy about could end up costing you a bundle. The downsizing guru herself, Marie Kondo, encourages individuals to critically examine everything they own for usefulness – furniture included. Here’s why you might want to consider reducing (or even eliminating) your bulky items and furniture prior to finding your dream apartment:

  • They’re outdated and worn out: If your couch has sagging cushions, your armchair has a bad leg, or your dresser is so dark and ornate it could pass as an antique, it may be time to lose that piece of furniture. Nothing makes a new room seem instantly outdated more quickly than tired-out furnishings. 
  • They’re overly large, heavy, or cumbersome: If you’re planning on moving to a new apartment on your own, remember that lugging along large dressers or other bulky furniture may mean you’re stuck with placement after the movers depart. Additionally, if your new apartment is on an upper floor, bear in mind that every large furniture piece you keep may need to climb the stairs too. 
  • They don’t fit – literally: While ceiling clearance isn’t generally low enough to cause issues, doorways can definitely pose an issue. You don’t want to end up spending money for a moving truck and moving helpers to find out your king bed can’t even fit through the front door. When in doubt, measure carefully, but bear in mind that the door frame or elevator height limitations of some apartments can make certain large furniture pieces an impossibility.
  • They’re just not you: Tastes can change dramatically over the years. Whether you elect to look for a furnished apartment or plan to purchase new, coordinating pieces once you find a new address, it may be time to pass old furniture on. 

Modernize your move with Landing’s furnished apartments

Imagine a stress-free moving experience that fits into the back of a car, rather than a huge moving truck. A fresh, clean, and fully-furnished apartment home just waiting for you to arrive- that’s what you can expect when you rent an apartment with Landing.

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When we say that Landing is a new way to live, we mean it: we make your life easier with our fully furnished apartments. 

We’ll provide the high-speed internet for streaming the morning news, stock the premium toiletries you’ll need to get ready for the day, and make your new kitchen even more inviting with the toaster and cutlery you’ll use to prep breakfast. Entertain friends and guests in the afternoon in well-appointed comfort with beautiful decor and chic furnishings provided to you, and spend each evening curled up on your soft, comfortable bed, surrounded by plush, lush linens that – you guessed it – are ready for you to enjoy from your first night on. Maintenance and cleaning scheduling is at your fingertips with our convenient app, and a fast rental application process and month-to-month lease means that you can head across the country as easily as you can head across town.

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