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Everything You Need to Know About Living in Charleston

By Bri Hand | Jun 14, 2021

Charleston, South Carolina, is becoming a popular destination for people to live. Boasting a relaxed approach to life without sacrificing the perks of being a midsize city, Charleston is a great place for business, pleasure, school, or all of the above. 

That being said, it’s never a bad idea to have as much information as possible before you make a major move. Here’s everything you need to know about living in Charleston:

Charleston apartments are affordable and offer great amenitiesPool amenities in Charleston

If you’re thinking about living in Charleston, one thing to note right off the bat is that your budget will go a lot further in Charleston than in other cities. For example, you should be able to find an apartment in Charleston that is around half the cost than similar-sized apartments in cities like Chicago, New York City, or Los Angeles. 

Charleston rentals—especially furnished apartments—offer great amenities to their renters, like access to business centers, fitness centers, tennis courts, and modern furnishings, to name a few. If this all sounds great to you, be sure to check out Landing’s fully furnished apartments in Charleston.

Charleston is a history buff’s paradise

History in CharlestonDowntown Charleston is home to multiple historical sites, which means that even current residents aren’t at a loss for things to do on the weekend in this city. If you’re interested in learning more about the American Revolution or Civil War, you’re bound to find a lot to love in Charleston. You’re also just a short drive from places like Magnolia Plantation and Fort Sumter, among many other interesting spots for in-person tours. Even Charleston Harbor is full of fun historical facts sure to satisfy your mind. 

Charleston has excellent weather

Another major perk about Charleston is that it has really nice weather almost year-round. Winters in Charleston are usually only 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you’re moving from the midwest or east coast, your winters in South Carolina will feel a lot like spring back home. 

These warmer temperatures also mean you can take advantage of the city’s many outdoor areas, such as James Island, Johns Island, and Folly’s Beach. This weather also makes Charleston a great place to retire!

Locals and tourists alike have lots to do

Since Charleston is so large, there are many things to do and enjoy around town, from eateries and coffee shops to historic sites and boutique shopping destinations. There are also plenty of parks to visit, and well-manicured golf courses if you want to play a round. 

Your friends and family will also appreciate having so much to do when they come to visit, and soon enough, you’ll be an expert in South Carolina living and be able to show them all the spots only locals know about. 

Want to move to Charleston? 

Ultimately, deciding on a place to live is a very personal decision, but the great thing about Charleston is that it’s a place almost everyone can find a reason to call home. If you’re thinking about living in Charleston, Landing offers furnished apartments in Charleston with flexible lease terms that will let you stay in this historic city for as long as you want. Browse Landing’s available apartments in Charleston, or contact us to learn more about how Landing works.


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