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Leasing is seamless

Apply online in minutes, get approved instantly.

Leasing is seamless

Apply online in minutes, get approved instantly.

Leasing is seamless

Apply online in minutes, get approved instantly.

Leasing is seamless

Apply online in minutes, get approved instantly.


Free to roam

Being a Landing member means having flexibility in these uncertain times. You’re never locked into a full-year lease, there’s no security deposit, and you can transfer to another Landing with as little as 30 days’ notice.
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Upgrades made easy

Access our comprehensive concierge service via the Landing app to schedule cleanings or repairs — or to connect with a Landing host who can help fill up your fridge. Use the app to quickly pay rent or manage your move-in/out dates.
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We help you store

Ready to try living light in a furnished home, but not willing to part with your stuff? We’ll store it for you!

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Simply login to the members area and select your upcoming or active reservation. After you find it, click “Modify” to adjust to your new preferred dates. It’s as easy as that!

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Standard Apartments

  • Moving’s a total headache
  • Mix-and-match interiors
  • Shell out thousands in deposits and fees
  • Jump through hoops to sign a lease
  • Locked in for at least a year
  • Start from scratch in a new city or neighborhood
  • That light bulb’s been out for weeks

Landing Homes

  • No hauling necessary
  • Coordinated designs and elegant furnishings
  • Just $199 to become a member — that’s it
  • Seamless application and approval process
  • Just give us 3 days notice
  • Transfer easily among Landings
  • Fast-response support from Landing hosts

Join our team

Join us on our mission to change the housing industry


We supply the rest

Just bring yourself. Our network of move-in-ready apartments come with customized furnishings, premium essentials, and access to personalized support.

Member Benefits
  • No application fee when you move within the network
  • Access to the Landing Apartment Network
  • Move to another Landing with 30 days notice
  • 30 day move out notice
  • Access to the Landing Member App



Landing is a
new way to live

Your own home,
wherever you go

Free to roam, still at home

Member Benefits

Become a Landing Member to enjoy all the benefits
of a home – without the hassle of long-term leases,
deposits, or dealing with furniture.

Member Benefits


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