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Best Places to Stay in Austin While Receiving Healthcare

By Landing | Feb 13, 2021
Best Places to Stay in Austin While Receiving Healthcare

2020 has seen a global healthcare crisis beyond any in recent memory. Texas has been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus, and it continues to be a state with one of the highest rates of new cases in the U.S. As a whole, Texas has experienced approximately 1.76 million cases of COVID-19 and has suffered over 28,000 deaths due to the virus. This has led to record hospitalizations for the virus alone.

Of course, the global pandemic doesn’t negate other healthcare concerns. People become injured or sick from other conditions just as often, and the healthcare system is under significant strain. If you have serious healthcare needs for any reason during this time, it may seem like it will be difficult for you to receive the best there is. For Austin residents, and those coming from the outside, you can rest assured that you have some of the best healthcare available in the country. Here are just a few options for excellent hospitals.

St. David’s HealthCare

St. David’s is one of the biggest health systems in Texas, and it’s the third-largest private employer in Austin. It’s unique in that it partners with a hospital management company and local non-profit organizations in order to invest profits back into the community. This money is primarily used to improve healthcare for citizens and to offer health-related classes and events.

St. David’s HealthCare operates across 44 locations and offers specialty treatments in a wide variety of areas. They’re equipped to treat the most common forms of cancer, heart conditions, strokes, spinal injuries, and much more. They also offer labor and delivery services, physical therapy, and of course, emergency services. Intensive care teams can also treat patients with severe COVID symptoms.

Speaking of COVID, if your health coverage has changed in some way due to the pandemic, St. David’s can help you find options that will work for you. Patient services include all needed treatments as well as therapy services and other support when needed. If you require a hospital stay in Austin, this is one of your best possible options.

Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Austin

This is an acute care hospital meant to extend the care needed for medically complex patients who require longer treatments and recovery periods. Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals specialize in a variety of programs including pulmonary medicine, physical rehabilitation, infectious disease, post-ICU programs, and much more. Their focus on the respiratory system makes them a great option for COVID patients.

Cornerstone offers options for both non-invasive and invasive ventilator support, depending on the severity of the need. Oxygen therapy protocols are also set in place to help wean patients off of the ventilator once they can breathe on their own. The post-ICU team is also dedicated to helping patients recover from their experience and will help deal with any additional health problems a patient may have acquired in the ICU setting.

They even offer senior living communities that differ from traditional nursing homes. Since Cornerstone facilities are registered hospitals, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best possible treatment and that medical professionals are always available to help with any matter.

Austin Heart

This is an Austin hospital that specializes in cardiology. Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the U.S., so it’s recommendable for all patients, especially high-risk and older patients, to visit a cardiologist. If you ever need treatment for a heart condition, this facility sets the standard for excellent care. They can also use their screening tools to help you determine any increased risk you may have for heart conditions following a COVID-19 infection.

If you simply need check-ups following treatment or are looking to schedule an appointment, Austin Heart also provides telehealth services. This is extremely important during a time where any trip outside is high-risk, and it shows their commitment to your health.

Of course, you may have healthcare needs that don’t require you to stay in a hospital at all. Alternatively, you may need a place to stay in the city before your scheduled healthcare appointment. Here are some of your best options.

Assisted living

Assisted living arrangements are typically for older residents, although some patients who want greater freedom and who don’t have to stay in a hospital may prefer these arrangements. Assisted living establishments are often fully furnished apartments, and they provide individualized care for all residents. Generally speaking, these facilities are for people who need help with some daily tasks but don’t require skilled nursing staff on hand at all times.

Parmer Woods at North Austin is a highly rated senior living facility that provides only the best rooms, food, and activities for residents to participate in. This can be a great place for those still in the later stages of recovery from a healthcare procedure or those scheduled for more in the future. Before Covid, they frequently hosted outings to some of Austin’s greatest attractions, and it’s expected this will continue once it’s safe to do so.

Hotel Healing

You may simply need a hotel before a scheduled procedure in Austin, especially if you’re arriving from outside the city. There’s certainly no shortage of options, but if you want one of the ones closest to the medical center, you’re in luck. Most of these hotels are high-rated, and many even offer luxury rooms. Parking is generally a bit away from the building, or some hotels may offer none at all, so it’s probably best for someone to come with you on this trip, so they can easily get you in the hotel and get you in their vehicle when the time comes.

Some hospitals even have hotel healing programs that allow you to recover from surgery in the comfort of a hotel room instead of a hospital bed. Amenities include valet parking and in-room dining services. Physical therapists and other post-treatment specialists will even meet with you in your hotel room to make sure your recovery is going as planned.

Regardless of how serious your needs are, Austin offers a variety of great places to stay before and after healthcare. It’s also a city loaded with attractions that are worth checking out when you can.


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