Best breweries in Austin, Texas

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Best Breweries in Austin, Texas

By Landing | Jan 13, 2021

Austin is not only known as the capital of Texas. It is known for its vibrant nightlife and a world-renowned live-music scene focused around eclectic musical styles, and for having some of the best breweries around. Austin is unique in the fact that while this city has a dry climate, there is a beautiful body of water called Lady Bird Lake with a gorgeous view of the sunset. There are quite a few breweries around that part of town where you can go enjoy a nice local brew and also enjoy the many sites that Austin has to offer.

Austin is also known for being the most livable city in Texas. To be such a large city in such a dry climate, there are enough nature escapes to go around and plenty of activities to enjoy both day and night. All in all, Austin, Texas, is the perfect destination for singles, couples, and families alike and should be next on your list of places to visit. And, who knows? You might end up falling in love with the Austin area and want to stay longer. Here are some top breweries near the lake to consider visiting when planning your initial visit to Austin. Be careful though — they might make you fall in love with the city and want to extend your stay.

Zilker Brewing Company and Taproom

Zilker Brewing Company and Taproom is a restaurant located on 6th Street in downtown Austin, just north of Lady Bird Lake and the Colorado River. This uniquely industrial brewery is located in an old converted mechanics garage and is complete with roll-top doors to help cultivate an open, relaxed atmosphere. This brewery has a dog-friendly patio filled with communal picnic tables and a food truck for when you get hungry after a few beers.

Blue Owl Brewing

If you love sours, then Blue Owl Brewing is the place for you. As the very first all-sour brewery in Austin, the founders of this brewery set out to make their sours approachable but still maintain a unique flavor profile. Even if you’re not sure about sours but want to explore them further, Blue Owl Brewing will provide you with a welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable bartenders to help you pick the right sours for you. The location of Blue Owl Brewing is ideal. You can easily have a few brews and then take a nice walk south-bound to see the Metz Neighborhood Park and the Town Lake Park.

Central District Brewing

Central District Brewing — a bar with a subtle Art Deco vibe — is not only a women-led business, it has a prime location in Austin’s historic district. While they haven’t brewed any of their own beers yet, you can grab a few beers there from other local breweries before taking a nice walk through the Rainey Street Historic District on your way to the Town Lake Metropolitan Park.

Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.

ABGB on July 11, 2014

While this brewery is further away from the water, Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. is one of South Austin’s favorite hangout spots where you can get some pizza, signature pints of on-premise brews, and live music. This brewery has been a regular stop for many of Austin’s local bands since its opening in 2013. Its 270-person interior provides generous floor space in front of the stage, and an open, casual atmosphere that accommodates both fans of the beer and the bands. If you end up falling in love with Austin but don’t have the funds for a vacation home, there might be some options before making a full commitment to a permanent move.

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