Jeremy Quist

Jeremy Quist writes about digital nomadism, travel, LGBTQ issues, and sustainability. He has written six non-fiction books for youth that can be found in school libraries across the country. Originally from a small town in Northern California, Jeremy has been a nomad for most of his adult life, having lived in 17 cities in seven states and counting. He is a world nomad as well—he has traveled to 17 countries (so far!) and holds an MS in International Development.

My Favorite Digital Nomad Destinations

San Diego, CA: Truly ideal weather, miles of beaches, and each neighborhood has its own personality to experience.

Las Vegas, NV: Year-round sun and some of the best nightlife in the world.

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain: Consistently sunny weather (there’s a theme here), Spanish culture, and stunning views everywhere you look.

Wilmington, NC: It’s a beach town and a college town, with a personality that is both funky and uniquely Southern.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Old-world charm and beauty with a thriving university and tech sector in the center of Transylvania.

"Being a digital nomad is the ideal lifestyle for me because it allows for a consistent change of scenery and circumstances. New experiences, new surroundings, and making new friends are what I live for."