Danielle Leigh

Danielle Leigh has been embracing the nomadic lifestyle for five years and is currently based in Spain. She runs a travel blog named Travelling Jezebel and has recently launched a new website for women who want to make money online. You can find it over at Not Your Boss Babe. When she isn't writing, she enjoys discovering new foods, watching true crime documentaries, and drinking wine.

My Favorite Digital Nomad Spots

Koh Rong, Cambodia: With terrible internet, this place is one of the worst places the work remotely, but the white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and gorgeous sunsets made it all worthwhile.

Valencia, Spain: An affordable city with a growing digital nomad community, tons of coworking spaces, and lots of things to do, Valencia is an undiscovered gem in the nomad world.

Palermo, Sicily, Italy: Palermo has a really low cost of living, great weather year-round, and beaches on your doorstep, and has yet to be discovered by the masses.

Krakow, Poland: Krakow has a great infrastructure, and there are plenty of ways to meet people and expand your network here, as well as being an exciting and cultural city.

Kotor, Montenegro: If you want to enjoy a slow pace of life without too many distractions, Kotor is a more affordable alternative to Dubrovnik.

"I love being a digital nomad because it is a way of travel that allows you to truly soak up the fabric of a place, integrate yourself into the local community, and learn a whole lot more than you would if you were simply passing through."