At-home Entertainment Ideas for 3 of your 5 Senses

See Your Favorites Bands Live:

Our favorite artists and bands are moving their shows online for all of us to enjoy. Although it’s hard to beat the atmosphere at a live concert, live streams still come with unique sets, new riffs and unexpected spins on our favorite songs. check to see if your favorite artists have any ~special~ shows coming up. Just this past weekend, Global Citizen hosted its “One World”  concert with favorites such as Lady Gaga and Sam Smith to fundraise and support charities helping those impacted by the pandemic. Though the actual concert has passed, donations are always welcome.

Creating the At-Home Theater Experience:


The key to the movie watching experience is making theater-grade popcorn at home. You have full control of the flavors – extra buttery, salt and pepper, olive oil and garlic – make it in a pot rather than a bag and voila, healthier yet delicious option! Then there is picking the movie. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect film, you’re not alone. Fortunately, we’re working our way through this list of the best things to stream on Netflix this month. Or we recommend Kanopy, which is free for public library card holders and has a plethora of beautiful films. Finally, now that we’re watching more movies at home, consider investing in a sound bar or bluetooth speaker to make it feel like you are reallly in the action.

A Guide to Essential Oils:

Essential oils have proven effects on our mood. Just like smelling flowers or baking a fresh loaf of bread – the right scent can influence our well being. Try different blends and oil scents to help ease your mind and loosen tension in your shoulders, and learn how to properly use essential oils and their benefits. Added bonus, after spending so much time in your home, using an essential oil diffuser is an affordable way to wick away stale scents and freshen up a room.