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Other Apartments

  • Jump through hoops to sign a lease
  • Shell out thousands in deposits and fees
  • Standard lease, no benefits
  • Typically locked in a lease for a year

Landing Membership

  • Find & reserve your apartment 100% online
  • No security deposit
  • $1,000 Landing Travel credit 
  • Flexibility to transfer within our apartment network
  • $199 Annual Membership

Landing members enjoy the easiest way to discover and reserve their next home, no matter where it is.
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Landing Travel Credits

Our Members get $1,000 Landing Travel Credit
every year. Stay in furnished Landings all over the US.
When you’re ready to explore a new city, we can help.


Reserve 100% Online

Landing brings the entire home searching and reservation process online. Find a Landing →


Always the Best Value

Landing members get 1% of their rent credited back to them, every month, so renting with Landing is always the smartest way to enjoy
your home, wherever it is.