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10 Cities With the Best Weather in the U.S. to Live In

By Cassandra Brooklyn | Aug 23, 2022
Sunset over Scottsdale, Arizona, a city with the best weather in the U.S.

The U.S. is big and beautiful, with tremendously varying climates from coast to coast. From sun-filled San Diego to Georgia the beautiful, you can easily choose where you want to live based on what type of weather you enjoy the most, particularly if you’re a remote worker with the freedom to travel the country on your terms. You can also switch things up depending on the season—say, if you’ve been dreaming of living in New Orleans during Mardi Gras but want to be out of there before the summer storms and humidity set in.

Whether you’re looking for high heat and low humidity or all you care about is year-round sun or mild temperatures, we’ve got your back. Here are the U.S. cities with the best weather to live in:

The best cities in the U.S. for sunny weather

Sunset view of the desert and mountains near Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phoenix, Arizona

With around 313 sunny days per year, Phoenix, Arizona, is the sunniest place in the U.S. year-round. Combine the fact that Phoenix is also within driving distance of three national parks—the Grand Canyon, Saguaro, and Petrified Forest national parks—and you’ll have plenty of ways to enjoy that sun.

Keep in mind that in Arizona, the sun is also accompanied by very warm weather during the summer months, so be prepared to blissfully bake in the 90s and low 100s between June and August. Also consider that even though Phoenix may see the sun for most of the year, some parts of the state receive so much snow in the winter that they have ski resorts!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Clocking in with about 309 sunny days per year, Las Vegas is one of the sunniest places in the country and boasts relatively mild winters. Known for its nightlife and casino culture (neither of which require the incredible amount of sun bestowed on Sin City), Las Vegas is actually in close proximity to plenty of outdoorsy options and hiking trails that can help you make the most of the great weather.

For example, Valley of Fire State Park is only a 45-minute drive from Las Vegas and features some colorful rock formations you can hike around. Just 20 minutes from Vegas is the Red Rock National Conservation Area, where an 18-foot waterfall swells the pool each spring as winter snow melts and flows down the falls.

Keep in mind that this is the desert, and the temperature can easily exceed 100 degrees in the summer. So, if you’re headed on a hike, go early and bring lots of water.

El Paso, Texas

With about 305 days of sunshine per year, El Paso, Texas, is one of the sunniest cities in the country. You can enjoy the climate by admiring the colonial architecture in downtown El Paso, walking along the El Paso Mission Trail, one of the oldest roads in the country, or escaping to nearby Franklin Mountains State Park to bask in the sun (and the sunsets!). As the Mexican border runs right along El Paso, you’ll find an especially strong Mexican influence on the culture and cuisine.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its beaches, breezes, surfing, and sun, so it’s no surprise this laid-back city also has some of the most ideal weather in the U.S. Not only is the sun out most days, but the cloud cover is minimal, so you can really enjoy it.

In Honolulu, the average annual temperature hovers around 77.7 degrees Fahrenheit, but even when it does get a bit balmy (and it does during the summer), the breezy trade winds provide a positively pleasant cooling effect that more than makes up for those hot, humid days. And while winter temperatures do dip a bit, the temperature will never approach freezing, so you can leave your bulky jackets and fur-lined boots at home.

The best cities in the U.S. for temperate weather

Beautiful natural landscape on the Los Angeles coast at Point Vicente Lighthouse, ocean waves

Los Angeles, California

With an average winter temperature in the high 40s to low 50s and an average summer temperature in the low-to-mid-80s, Los Angeles has some of the best weather in the U.S. Most of the year is dry in Los Angeles (rain is most likely between December and March), and there is loads of sunshine here without the heat, humidity, or hurricanes that plague much of the south. Los Angeles’s mild weather and temperature climate are only complemented by its world-class restaurants and museums, loads of beaches, and easy access to several state and national parks and other fun cities like San Diego and San Francisco.

Sacramento, California

Receiving around 281 days of sunshine a year, Sacramento is one of the sunniest cities in the country. This Northern California town doesn’t get as much attention as its central and southern California neighbors, but its incredible amount of sunshine and overall pleasant weather make it a great draw—not to mention the cost of living is also much more reasonable here than it is in San Francisco.

While Sacramento does receive some year-round rain, this is mostly the case in the winter. Sacramento summers, on the other hand, are nearly perfect, as they tend to be warm and dry with temperatures in the mid-80s.

The best cities in the U.S. for low humidity

Big brown pelicans in port of Islamorada, Florida Keys. Waiting for fish at Robbie

Scottsdale, Arizona

If you’re looking for a cool climate with low temperatures, this is not the place for you. However, if you want sun, relaxation, and easy access to the outdoors in a minimally humid environment, Scottsdale is calling your name. Receiving under 10 inches of rain per year, this low-humidity haven is one of the driest cities in the United States, meaning you’ll have even more chances to get out to hike, bike, and explore the nearby mountains, national parks, and national forests.

Key West, Florida

Okay, so Key West isn’t exactly a low-humid hotspot, but if you want all the fun and sun Florida has to offer with the least amount of humidity possible, you’ll want to head to Key West. Like the rest of Florida, average temperatures here are in the 60s in the winter, 70s in the spring and fall, and the 80s and 90s in the summer (with July and August being the hottest and sunniest months). Unlike other popular cities in Florida, however, it is slightly less humid here—and when the weather is in the 90s, even three fewer percentage points on the humidity scale can make all the difference.

The best cities in the U.S. with little rainfall

Large hot air ballon with zia sun symbol. Many hot air balloons in background. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta - Albuquerque, NM, USA.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico, only gets about 9.4 inches of rainfall a year, meaning it’s unlikely that the rain will ruin your plans here too frequently. And while New Mexico is smack dab in the middle of the arid Southwestern desert region, the area does receive enough rain to support super-green places like Sandia Peak, a two-mile-high, tree-covered mountain that can be reached by an arduous hike or via the Sandia Peak Tramway.

Albuquerque is also the hot air balloon capital of the world, meaning it’s a great place for a sky-high ride. You can also learn about the area’s balloon culture at the Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum.

Mesa, Arizona

About 20 miles outside of Phoenix, you’ll find slightly smaller, family-friendly Mesa, Arizona. This city still provides all the big-city amenities you’ll need, along with easy access to hiking, biking, and mountain appreciation. Receiving around 9.5 inches of rain per year, Mesa is one of the driest cities in the country, but there’s no shortage of greenery here. Expect to find palm trees, cacti, and other plants that thrive in high-heat environments that don’t receive a lot of rain.

Also keep in mind that although this is the desert, there will be some cloudy days that balance out the sun, and it can still get quite cool at night.

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